How would you spot a fake Indian currency note?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the highest monetary authority in the country. RBI prints the currency notes of all denomination from Rs. 2 to 2000, except one rupee note which is printed by the Ministry of Finance. The latest data released by RBI confirms that currency in the hand of public stood at Rs 17.06 lakh crore as against Rs 17.01 lakh crore before the demonetization.
Another estimation done by the RBI says that the numbers of the counterfeit notes in the FY 2017 have increased by 20% and the number reached to 7.62 lakhs.
The maximum numbers of fake notes were in the denomination of Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000.

To bring awareness in the general public, we are publishing some security features of the currency notes so that fake notes can be detected by them:

On the front:
1. See-through register where the amount can be seen when held against light.
2. Latent image where the amount can be seen when the note is held at a 45 degree angle at eye level.
3. The amount font in Devnagiri.
4. Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi in the centre.
5. Color shift windowed security thread where colour changes from green to blue when note is tilted.
6. Guarantee clause, RBI governor’s signature with Promise clause and RBI emblem towards the right.
7. Portrait and electrotype watermark.
8. Denominational number with Rupee sign with color changing ink (green to blue).

9. Number panels with digits ascending in size.
10. Ashok Pillar emblem.
11. Circle with amount in raised ink.
12. For the visually impaired, there is a raised portrait of Gandhi, Ashok emblem, bleed lines, and identification marks.
On the back:
13. Year when note was printed.
14. Swachh Bharat logo with slogan.
15. Language panel.
16. Motif of Red Fort with Indian flag.
17. The currency amount in Devnagiri.
(Source: Economic Times)

Say no to fake notes with the naked eye, by physically looking for these security measures to detect if the currency note is genuine or fake.

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