As recent as October 2018, a couple duped a seasoned jeweler in Ludhiana by handing them fake notes. They paid him Rs. 1.9 lakhs in a black polythene bag in exchange for 56 grams of gold. Once they left, the jeweler observed the notes closely only to find that they had been issued by a fictitious place called “Entertainment Bank of India” and not by the RBI.

The couple still remains at large while the jeweler is struggling to hold his neck above water.


A real-life Bunty & Babli could con you too!

Maybe you don’t own a shop. Maybe you’re far more watchful than the jeweler. Heck, you don’t even live in Ludhiana. None of this means that you’re safe from the cunningness of counterfeiters out there.

Picture this. It’s Dhanteras, and you’re behind your shopping. You avoid the local jeweler store as you don’t full trust their quality. You rush to the main streets, get to a renowned jeweler brand – a name that evokes trust – and buy a gold coin for the puja. The store is filled with last-minute shoppers like you, and all you have in your mind is to finish the transaction and get home. You hand over 2 notes of Rs. 2000 to the hectic and frazzled jeweler, get a Rs. 500 note in return and leave. Only to realize later that the note was fake. Suddenly, the festive season, not that joyous anymore.

With not much evidence to show about the source, there is probably not much you can do in this case. You may try to tarnish the name of the jeweler – after all, you went there only because trusted the name – across social media, but the chances of that gaining any traction are less to none. Chances are that the jeweler themselves had nothing to do with handing off the note. They too were a victim of the likes of Ludhiana’s Bunty & Babli, but they never realized that they were duped in the first place. And you too joined their victims’ list. A small amount that just burnt a small hole in your pocket.


What the jeweler could have done?

A lesson all our parents taught when we were dealing with money – be vigilant! You have to keep your eyes open. In tough situations, all the more so – for counterfeiters constantly take advantage of situations like these.

More importantly, he could have invested in a fake note detector. When it comes to purchasing any object for a business that does not result in direct earnings, most people are skeptical. But considering that some fake note detectors cost much less than a jeweler’s daily income, there is no excuse for such an oversight.

Ultimately, it all boils down to whether you want to wait to be duped or ride the wave of luck till your business starts to drown.


Every citizen’s fake note detector

Not just businesses, anyone who does cash exchange on a daily basis – that is practically every one of us – needs to protect themselves from counterfeit money. While bankers and large retailers use heavy-duty counterfeit money detectors all the time, these are not easily available or affordable to individuals.

Until now.

Empower by Kores is a portable fake currency detector that identifies whether a note is real or not within the blink of an eye. It’s unique M-Code technology is one of a kind and offers molecular level precision. It integrates a one-push operation that makes it easy for anyone to use., without knowing anything about the security features of the note. As opposed to the other currency detectors out there, it guarantees 100% results all the time.